Freebies poem

Sometimes, parents need to lay down the law when it comes to adult children, particularly when it comes to money ~ the parents’ money.

At one such time, Lori did so the best way she knew how – by writing a poem. And, by using a little bit of humor.


The Freebies are over
The monies ran out
I hope I’ll see more
than a face that just pouts.

I’ve bought and I’ve paid
I’ve done favors Galore
But now I’m worn out,
and I’m saying “No More.”

I’ve always looked forward
to kids who are grown
For peace, and for quiet
…. some time of my own.

A ten in my pocket
Loose change strewn about
The next thing I know,
I’ve doled it all out!

It’s not just your fault
I take the blame too,
Cuz I should have practiced
saying “No,” more to you.

It’s still not my strong point,
but I have to try
My account at the bank
is getting bone dry.

I’ve given and given
and helped when I could
Giving all that I can
Always feeling … I should.

But there comes a time
in your life when you’re grown
You leave Mom and Dad
to step out on your own.

When this choice was made
(and it wasn’t by me)
you chose to see life
and face Re-Al-Ity.

You earn what you get
You learn Nothing is free
You can’t get through life
By depending on me.

Take charge of your life
Learn to stand on your own
Never forget …
This will always be Home!

Copyright 2004 Lori Mathes

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  1. Lucas

    shouldn’t have taught me the moto “never hurts to ask” lol

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