In Memory of Jackson

Jackson and Kysa

Jackson and Kysa

My siblings and I grew up with dogs, and they’ve been a part of all of our adult lives. They are family.

My sister Kysa is the only one of us who doesn’t have children, though that doesn’t mean she’s been without kids; her dogs are her kids.

I wrote the following poem for Kysa in January 2007 when her beloved 9-year-old Golden Retriever, Jackson, passed away. We all still miss him so much.

In Memory of Jackson

October 1, 1997 – January 25, 2007

There was a dog named Jackson
That God had sent my way
He must have missed him badly
For he called him home today.

I hope he knows I’ll miss him
I can’t believe he’s gone
And even tho I don’t know how…..
I’ll try to carry on.

He brought a joy into my life
This gentle, loyal friend
My tears just keep on falling
And seem to have no end.

I wish he were still here with me
I don’t know what I’ll do
For nothing seems to matter
When your heart is broke in two.

I know he’s in a peaceful place
Where all his pain is gone
and God is playing Kong with him
As he runs on Heaven’s lawn.

So Jackson, Know I Love You
And we’ll never be apart
Until we meet again someday
You’re always in my heart.

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