The Christmas Box

The Christmas box handwritten


In 1995, Lori purchased four sculptured boxes and filled each one with memorabilia reminiscent of each of her siblings’ childhoods. Miniature typewriters, baby bracelets, tiny telephones, and black and white photographs all found their way into the treasure boxes her sisters and brother opened Christmas Eve.

Also in each box was a handwritten poem she’d written for them. It read:


The Christmas Box

This box was made with you in mind
and bits of love is all you’ll find.

I’ve gathered them from years gone by
Memories that sometimes make me cry.

Each one I make .. I make with pride
and leave my special thoughts inside.

You are my family …. I Love You so
and with this box I’ll let you know.

Just keep it near you, through the years
To help you dry those “lonely” tears.

For when you hold it to your heart
You’ll know deep down, we’re never apart.

Family is Family
Love is Love
They go together ….
Said the man from above.

Merry Christmas ’95


Copyright 1995 Lori Mathes

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