Lori next to pole at trapshoot

Welcome to the official website of Iowa poet Lori Ewing Mathes.

Lori’s strong connection to family and its rich rooted layers is a central theme in much of her poetry, often reflecting the overlapping lives of one generation to the next. Her subjects have included a tribute to her grandfather, a song she penned for her “first” father after his untimely death and a “Christmas Miss” letter to a son-in-law gone astray.

A middle child with two older and two younger siblings, Lori learned early on there are times one must listen and learn, and others when it’s best to talk and teach.

Lori is best known for “A Christmas Poem – To My Family,” a narrative about familial love and friendship that she wrote, had duplicated on parchment and then framed to give to each family member for Christmas in 2004.

When a sister – moved by the heartfelt gift – wrote about the poem on her blog and posted a small image of the framed present, more than two thousand people viewed the poem over the holiday. In 2006 and with Lori’s permission, her sister posted the lyrics separately. By that Christmas, the page had more visitors than all her sister’s other page views combined.

It continues to draw thousands of website visitors every year — a testament to the power Christmas has to remind us all what family really means.

In simple yet beautiful prose, Lori’s poetry continues to capture the very essence of family and faith, loss and rebirth, and the human heart’s steadfast resilience when surrounded by those one loves.